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Cubitel Cables Networking Section


Cubitel telecommunications cables. Discover our wide range of cables for network solutions.


Fibra óptica ADSL domésticaEthernet cat6Cables CiscoManguera multicoaxial 8xFlex5


Discover our special wiring sections for data networks, if not find the sought not hesitate to contact us through our contact section. You can also visit our online store Cables24.


Cat7 / Cat6a / Cat6

Latiguillo Ethernet cat7-cat6a-cat6

Patchcord and cabling Works CAT6a CAT6 CAT7 and of course CAT5e

Balun G.703

Balun G.703 E1/T1 – E3/T3 75-120 Ohms CUBITEL . DIN1.6/5.6 and BNC

Multicoaxial G.703

Manguera multicoaxial 8 x Flex DIN 1.6-5.6

Multicore cable solutions for electrical coaxial data transmissions


Custom made power cables and PDus CETAC, IEC C19 C20

Cables RJ21 Telco

Soluciones Telco 50 RJ21 Cisco VDSL VG224 SMC a Panel VoIP Smartnode


Low capacity data cables in any format posible: V35, X21, RS232


Cisco Systems

Custom made cables for Cisco applications fiber and copper HWIC, WIC, NM


Nortel Networks

Custom made Nortel cables


Custom made HP cables fiber and copper

Eicon cables custom in multiple configurations

Cubitel manufactures EICON cables both in fiber or copper as spare parts or upgrades. If the cable you are looking for is not in the following list do not hesitate to contact us.

Bulk Cable

Bulk cable outlet. Coaxial, UTP and fiber at best prices possible.