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Cubitel: Cables and solutions for Telco RJ21

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Cubitel is leader in Spain market in the development, manufacturing and distribution of cables, leads, and connectivity solutions for Telco 50 pins RJ21 connectors either for legacy or new VoIP and PBX demands.

We have the knowledge, the tooling and the technical capacity to design and assembly all type of bespoke RJ21 leads under the specific needs of any customer regarding RJ21 connector type, length and finishing.
– RJ21 Cable to Free End with color code for crimping on panels and OBAs
– RJ21 Cable to RJ11 / RJ45 for direct interconnection with equipment and panels
– RJ21 to RJ21 Cable in diverse lengths and configurations straight, angled, male, female, 45º, 90º , 180º, Velcro, screws, etc.
– RJ21 Cable to Panel (Patch Panel) VDSL, VG224 configurations (to name a few) for Cisco, Avaya, SMC, Patton SmartNode etc.
– Specific RJ21 cable such us Cisco RJ-21X/CA21A
Bespoke manufacturing from 1pc only!

EPSON DSC picture Cable_Telco_RJ-21_90_Panel_VG224
EPSON DSC picture EPSON DSC picture