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Cubitel Fiber Optic Networks Solutions

Cubitel manufactures and supply all kind of patchcords, pigtails and fiber optic cables as well as any kind of accessories, adaptors, attenuators, outlets and FTTH systems you may need to deploy your fiber network or fiber link.


Duplex Singlemode Fiber Optic Patch cord LC-LC Singlemode Pigtail ST-OM1

Singlemode Attenuator SC 10db

Passive components, accessories and fiber patchcords:

  • Patchcords, pigtails OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS1, OS2 for multimode and singlemode.
  • Connectors: LC, SC, ST, FC, MU, MTRJ with UPC, APC, SPC, polish.
  • Attenuators 1dB, 2dB, 3dB, 4dB, 5dB, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB in all formats.
  • Adapters, special adapters (hybrid) and adapters with dust protection duplex and simplex.
  • 19 inch fiber solutions: spliceboxes, frontplates for different formats and connectors.
  • MTP / MPO solutions.
  • FTTH materials and solutions.

Active components and fiber optic media conversion:

  • Media conversion systems fiber-copper, fiber-utp, fiber-coaxial, Ethernet, Gigaethernet, 10GBaseT, E1, E3, DWDM in single mode or multi mode.
  • GBIC, SFP, XENPAK original or compatible for Cisco, Nortel, HP, 3Com, IBM, Avaya, etc.

Tools, closures, cleaning materials and special products for fiber optic:

  • Installation kits.
  • Fiber checkers.
  • Pre-polished connectors for field installation.
  • Cleaning materials: IPA dispensers, IPA impregnated wipes, micro-fibre sticks, dry one-click cleaning for adapter ferrules.
  • Hand-held microscopes and fiber checkers.
  • Strippers, crimping tools, Kevlar scissors etc.

Contact us for any need you may have in fiber optic materials.