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Multicoaxial G.703

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Cubitel manufactures and supply all kind of multicore cabling Systems (multi-coax , DDF – Digital Distribution Frames) for the deployment of core Telecom Networks, Telecom Nodes, Interconnection Systems, final customer connection, BTSs, etc.

Multicore Cabling Systems with any possible configuration for any possible application. Some of them:

  • Core Network and deployment and node maintenance : 8xFlex2, 8xFlex3 , 16xFlex2 , 8xFlex5, 16xFlex3 (Spain – Telefonica standards for 75 Ohm lines)
  • LMDS Multicore (outdoor Ready)
  • OMEs Alcatel-Lucent, NSN ( SRAL , SRAL-XD ), Huawei , NEC, Ericsson, etc.
  • Connectors: 1.0/2.3, Sub-D, Telco 50, DIN47295 1.6/5.6, BNC, SMZ, BT43

We do manufacture from one piece to volume productions according to customer needs in terms of technical needs or just-in-time supply.

  • Also available all type of DDF interconnection panels 19” ready, 1U, 2U, wall-mount etc. Adapters female-female, direct, coaxial attenuators.

multicoaxialManguera coaxial 16xFlex2 DIN1.6/5.6 Hembra BNC Macho  Manguera Coaxial 8xFlex2 DIN 1.6/5.6 Hembra 16xFlex2 Multicoaxial