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Ethernet extenders Patton. Breaking the barrier of 100 meters.

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Ethernet is the most popular electronic communications medium in the world. Because it offers a versatile, low-cost, standards-based interface, Ethernet has become ubiquitous as the global technology-of-choice in industrial, enterprise, and carrier networks.

For all its benefits, Ethernet does present some limitations:
Cabling Standard Ethernet, runs over Cat 5 cabling infrastructure, the installation of which may be costly, and require (often more costly) network downtime.
Segmentation To avoid bottlenecks that cause network congestion, latency or even data loss, Ethernet LANs musts be segmented, which increases network complexity, operational overhead, and cost.

Distance Perhaps the biggest drawback of Ethernet technology is the standard distance limitation of 328 feet (100 meters). In many applications it is impractical or impossible to install network-enabled devices within 328 feet from the nearest computer, router, or switch.
Despite the above limitations, the number of Ethernet-based installations continues to grow at an astounding rate.
Ethernet extension, which addresses the distance limitation of the Ethernet standard, can be found in these generalized applications:

  • M2M—Interconnecting Ethernet terminals and devices.
  • Ethernet access—connecting users and devices to a central network.
  • Ethernet networking—interconnecting multiple users and servers Patton’s CopperLink™ Ethernet

Extenders appear in a wide variety of environments, including business offices, mining tunnels, oil rigs and drills, manufacturing facilities, vehicular traffic management, security monitoring, maritime vessels, sporting arenas, nuclear power facilities, agriculture, and more!

Patton offers the industry’s broadest range of products and solutions for leveraging existing copper or coaxial cabling infrastructure to extend Ethernet connections. CopperLink™ solutions can extend Ethernet segments over distances up to and exceeding 5 miles (8 km). The CopperLink™ product line supports line rates ranging from 192 kbps to 168 Mbps, and offers symmetric or asymmetric profiles. While most models operate over a single twisted pair, recently developed products deliver even greater bandwidth and longer distances by bonding up to four twisted pairs (8 wires) into a single Ethernet connection.
Perhaps best of all, Patton’s CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders are easyto-use, plug-and-play devices, so users can bypass complex and tedious network configuration requirements. CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders transparently pass all higher-layer protocols—including 802.1Q VLAN frames (tagged and untagged) and IP video compression schemes such as MPEG-4, H.264 and MJPEG.

Ethernet Extender Applications

— Ethernet Connectivity (Machine-to-Machine) —
Connecting Ethernet terminals/devices

– Connectivity is the linking of devices—M2M
– Today, many traditional RS-232 links are being replaced with Ethernet

* Access Control and Card Reader Devices
* IP Cameras
* Traffic Control Signals
* Railway Communications

— Ethernet Access (Person-to-Person) —
Connecting remote users to a central network

– Access is connecting remote users and devices to a central network
– Usually a few remote devices or users need network access


* Remote Utility Room
* Remote Control Room, Receiving Dock
* Caddy shack/Starters house

— Ethernet Networking (LAN-to-LAN) —
Connecting multiple users and servers

– Networking is connecting multiple users on each side of the connection to each other.
– An alternative to fiber or wireless while maintaining the lowest cost with copper

* LAN extension to remote office
* High cpeed IP video delivery
* Campus building trunking
* Work groups

What CopperLink has to offer
Devices that extend Ethernet beyond its 100-meter (328-foot) natural limitations
Products sold in pairs (local and remote), so everything you need for installation is in the box. (Boosters don’t work in pairs so they’re sold individually)
Pass Ethernet over multiple forms of media, not just Cat 5. Using your existing infrastructure decreases downtime and saves money.
Transparent to higher-layer protocols and video schemes
Ethernet bridge
Plug-and-Play. Our Ethernet Extenders are so easy to use, they require no training and minimal technical support.