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Expand Fiber Capacity with Omnitron’s CWDM Multiplexers

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iConverter CWDM Multiplexers expand fiber capacity by transporting multiple data channels (wavelengths) over existing fiber infrastructure.

When deployed with iConverter copper-to-fiber media converter modules and fiber-to-fiber transponders with CWDM Small Form Pluggable Transceivers (SFPs), virtually any network equipment can be connected to the CWDM Multiplexers.

iConverter Multi-Service Platform CWDM Application example

The following diagram illustrates how the modular iConverter Multi-Service Platform enables a CWDM point-to-point network incorporating four unique and distinct services multiplexed over one fiber link.

In this application example, T1, T3, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet are transported over a CWDM point-to-point fiber link. At the top of the illustration, copper-to-fiber media converters and transponders with CWDM SFPs are installed in a high-density 19-module chassis. Traffic from four different sources is converted to CWDM wavelengths and multiplexed onto the CWDM common fiber line with an iConverter 4-Channel CWDM/X.

CWDM multiplexer deployment example

Each CWDM SFP supports a wavelength that matches the appropriate channel port wavelength on the CWDM/X module, and is connected to the CWDM/X module with fiber patch cables.

The iConverter 4-channel CWDM MUX multiplexes all four channels (wavelengths) over a common fiber link.

At the opposite end of the common CWDM link, a 4-Channel CWDM MUX demultiplexes the four services, and fiber links connect to each destination device in one or more locations. iConverter standalone media converters with CWDM SFPs provide media conversion and wavelength conversion for connectivity to the existing network equipment.

This application illustrates that data from virtually any type of communications equipment can be carried over a CWDM network with the iConverter Multi-Service Platform.

The modular iConverter Multi-Service Platform consists of managed media converters, fiber-to-fiber transponders (wavelength converters), T1/E1 multiplexers and CWDM multiplexers.

These modules can be integrated in a variety of chassis configurations to create a flexible and scalable multi-service platform capable of delivering Ethernet, TDM and other services over existing fiber networks.

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