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Fiber Optic Connector MTP and MPO . A technical approach .

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Fiber Optic Connector MTP / MPO is a multi-fiber connector consists of 12 fibers which is currently the most widely used commercially today.

MTP MPO optic fiber connector design allows the use of a flat die and optical cable which enables a very high density translates directly into cost savings due to reduced hardware requirements and actual optical space telecommunications nodes and datacenters. (A MTP connector replaces 12 classic type connectors SC, LC, FC etc. That is, with 2 connectors MTP we substitute a classic tray 19 “classic 24 position connector).

On the other hand, the need for higher bandwidth for servers, telecommunications and cloud applications, has brought the extension of the IEEE 802.3 standards.
This extension includes a new protocol to operate 100 Gigabit Ethernet over OM3 and OM4 fiber. The technology of parallel optical transmission compared to traditional serial transmission uses a parallel optical interface where data is transmitted and received simultaneously on multiple fibers.

The 40 Gigabit interface uses 4 channels x 10 Gigabit Ethernet address
The 100 Gigabit interface uses 10 channels x 10 Gigabit Ethernet address.

Well for 40 and 100Gb / s to 12 or 24 fibers an MTP connector is needed to interface with electronics so the MTP connectors are required in the wiring for correct use of MTP-to-Leads connect the patch panel distribution electronics (for example, Cisco Nexus equipment).
The TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 (Fiber Optic Intermeteability Standard, Type MPO) standard describes the dimensions and tolerances required for interoperability between products from different manufacturers.

MPO is a generic definition for the MTP connector is a connector “owner” and improved from the standardized version of the MPO.
The MTO connector is designed and manufactured by US Conec and enhanced optical and mechanical performance of the MPO. In this sense, MPO stands for “Multi-Fibre Push On”.
Any 12-fiber connector that does not comply scrupulously with the FOCIS 5 Standard could not properly connected to the connectors or adapters MTP / MPO. The IEC 1754-7 recommendation Part 7 gives all related information regarding the MPO connector.
The MTP connector faces with precision guide pins that align it without any margin of error. One connector pair has to face the guide pins, the other has 2 pilot holes.
The guide pins should be inserted in them so the clash of the 2 connectors is perfectly aligned.

Try the clash of 2 connectors without pin (pinless) is physically possible but not recommended as it will not get optical performance is optimized and can damage the connectors facing each other.

The ferrule of a MTP / MPO connector multimode has a flat end. The singlemode ferrule however is angled to provide minimal reflection. These angled ends also get an improved engagement ensuring correct orientation of the MTP connector adapters.
Typical values and maximum insertion loss for a 12-fiber MTP connector would be:

Loss of typical and maximum insertion 12-fiber MTP connector

Fiber Type Typic IL (dB) Max IL (dB)
OM3 y OM4 0,15 0,35
Monomodo OS2 0,3 0,75

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